MediaServices developed AudioInspector, a leading software, providing a complete set of tools for the efficient digitization of analogue audio streams.
It includes tools, such as automated generation and annotation of technical parameters, objective quality metadata on the condition of the original medium and the recording chain during the digitization process.
Based on a new business model in this field, AudioInspector allows starting preservation work immediately and no delays are caused by missing investment budgets.


Video Quality Analyses:


MediaServices is part of an award winning FIT-IT Project. Together with it's partners Joanneum Research, HS-ART and the Technical University Graz, MediaServices is developing tools for the content based quality analyses of moving images.


Augmented Salzburg:


Together with it's customer "Innovations- und Technologietransfer Salzburg GmbH", MediaServices is preparing the ground for a new economical lead sector in Salzburg - Augmented Reality.
Augmented Reality and Pervasive Computing will help to improve quality of life and will provide the bases for economical growth accross most economical key segments in Salzburg.


Ambient Assisted Living:


MediaServices was project leader for one of the biggest commercial Ambient Assisted Living projects in Europe. Heimat Österreich (Austrias biggest building project organizer) has built 43 flats that are equiped with state-of-the-art AAL technology. MediaServices developed an expandable concept of AAL modules that consider most recent research in the field.


Video Productions:


MediaServices offers video production with a variety of partners. We cover a wide range, from standard packages that allow easy budgeting (e.g. for tourism and image videos) up to individual commercial- or TV productions at international quality standards.
Download sample video for tourism
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MediaServices offers innovative, high quality printed media of all kinds with partners in Salzburg, Vienna and Germany.